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Location Jackson
Birth Date 03/06/1987
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Favorite Games Shinobi(PS2), The Ninja(SMS), Streets of Rage 2(Gen), Sonic 2(Nomad), Dynamite Heady(GG), Kirby Squeek Squad(DS), Astal(Sat), Conker Bad Fur Day(N64), Kirby Super Star(SNES), Kung Fu(NES),Age of Empites Rise of Rome(Windows 98), Postal 2(XP), Spider Solitaire(Vista), Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening(GB), Warlock(GBC), Super Dodge Ball Asvance(GBA), Fire Emblem(GBASP) Lunar Silver Star Story Complete(PSX), Phantasy star Online(DC), PaRappa the Rappa(PSP), Skies of Arcadia(GC), Jet Set Radio Future(Xbox), Heavenly Sword(PS3), No More Heroes(Wii), Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World(XB360)
Consoles Owned Sega Master Syster, Nintendo, Genesis, Super Nintendo, Game Gear, Sega Saturn, Playstation, Game Boy Pocket,Nintendo 64, Game boy color, Dreamcast,Playstation 2, Game boy advance, Gamecube, Xbox, Sony PSP,Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, Sega Nomad, Wii, PS3
Computer Specs sorry my computer doesn't wear spectacles
my computer has 20/20 vision
About Me I hate kids with funny accents and try to be as random as possible