Privacy Policy

Game Overdrive respects the rights and privacy of any and all visitors to the website ( Personal information is not collected unless voluntarily submitted by the user him/herself. Cookies set by Game Overdrive do not collect any personally-identifiable information.

Personally-identifiable information is treated confidentially and is never sold, rented, leased, traded, or given away by Game Overdrive. Name, address/phone, financial account information, and any other personal information is confidential unless you, the user, post it publicly on Game Overdrive. We can, but are not demanded to, remove your information if you request.

Information we do collect is collected by two systems: AWStats and Google Analytics . Information such as browser and operating system choice, country, IP address, visit of duration, and referrer is collected. NO INFORMATION IS PERSONALLY-IDENTIFIABLE WITHOUT THE USER WILLINGLY SUBMITTING THAT INFORMATION. We cannot, and will not, track you down with any information we collect.

WE DO NOT SELL, RENT, LEASE, TRADE, OR GIVE AWAY ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION. As Game Overdrive's staff is made of gamers and technology enthusiasts, we know what it's like to experience identity theft, SPAM, spyware, and adware and do not engage in ANY such practices.

Game Overdrive will not give away any of your willfully-submitted personally-identifiable information to any government, organization, etc. without court order. No bribe, coersion, or any other nasty act will force us to give this information away willingly without the requesting party being in possession of a court order requesting this information.

Users under the age of 13 accessing this website should have consent of their parents before reading any of this information in accordance with various Acts and Laws. We cannot, however, enforce this, so it is up to you, as the guardian/parent of your child/children, to ensure that they are using safe browsing habits. Watch over your child on the internet--the internet is full of harmful and dangerous content, and parental supervision will ensure your child does not access this.