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Bikini bump line razor

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Razor bumps, however, are basically ingrown hairs, and though they can appear anywhere you shave, they happen most often on delicate skin where the hairs are coarse — like the bikini line. Razor bumps are also known as razor burn, bikini bumps, razor rash, shaving bumps or pseudofolliculitis barbae. This condition is usually caused by wrong shaving operation or improper tools. Razor bumps are most common on legs, neck, and underarms but they may still appear in other parts of your body which you regularly shave. Razor bumps in the bikini area can be unsightly and embarrassing, especially during the summer months when you're wearing a bathing suit. Razor bumps occur after depilation, when the hair curls back into the skin and creates red, inflamed areas known as psuedofolliculitis pubis.

Bikini bump line razor
Bikini bump line razor
Bikini bump line razor

Razor bumps are not only an unsightly by-product of bikini bump line razor removal, but they can become infected and cause you pain and skin problems. The bikini area can be particularly problematic because the skin is so sensitive. Follow along after the jump to learn how to treat the bumps and get back to smooth, irritation-free skin. If you need to get rid of razor bumps in your bikini area, avoid shaving the area for a few days, to give the bumps a chance to heal. Resist the urge to scratch the area, since breaking the bumps can lead to infection and scarring. You can ease the discomfort by treating bikini bump line razor area with a product containing salicylic acid, witch hazel, or aloe at least once a day.
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Bikini bump line razor
Bikini bump line razor
Bikini bump line razor

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