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Vaginal dialator and radiation

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It really sounds like they gave you a dilator that's too big for you. They come in sizes. I would call my radiation oncology nurse and tell her that the dilator they . Leslie R. Schover, PhD Vaginal dilators have been around in one form or another for at least 50 years. When I first worked as a psychologist/sex therapist in a major cancer center in the early s, women getting pelvic radiation therapy got a dilator that looked like a hard plastic candle. 2 The purpose of these guidelines is to clarify the evidence and offer expert opinion with respect to S the use of vaginal dilation for women having radical or adjuvant pelvic radiotherapy.

These Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist guidelines provide information about professional therapy techniques for using vaginal dilators safely and effectively. These following guidelines are intended as general information for women. Vaginal dilator therapy is ideally implemented following thorough medical assessment and diagnosis. Dilator therapy is often used at home in conjunction with concurrent treatment by appropriately trained health professionals including pelvic floor physiotherapists, oncology nurses and counselors. A vaginal dilator is a therapy device used prevent and treat problems associated with vaginal vaginal dialator and radiation. Dilators are usually available in specially designed dilator kits.
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Vaginal dialator and radiation

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