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Released: 2007-09-12 Genre: Adventure Platform: Reviewed By: Gianna Tocco

God of War with a female lead. Where could you go wrong?

Since Heavenly Sword was first revealed, it was hard not to compare it to God of War, with its similar fighting style and comparable main characters. Heavenly Sword is an action-packed, hack-and-slash adventure with beautiful movie-quality cutscenes and an interesting cast of characters led by a fiery female hero. The title pulls away from its Greek brother and easily defines itself as a great game with few flaws that never fails to lose the attention of the player, even if Nariko’s battle is over far too quickly.

Magical whips and chains...oh and daggers too.

The game opens with the death of our hero. Nariko is engaged in an epic battle, desperately fighting for her life among thousands of brutal soldiers. To defeat her enemies and save the rest of her clan, Nariko offers her life to the Heavenly Sword— a weapon sent from heaven that grants massive power to whoever holds it. From there, the game is played through flashbacks.

Nariko is an outcast, part of bloodline sworn to protect the Heavenly Sword. Her clan is nearing extinction as the beautiful land that the game is set in comes under attack by King Bohan, who has sworn to cleanse the area of all individual clans and take the Heavenly