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Released: 2007-10-23 Genre: Platform, Shooter Platform: Reviewed By: Gianna Tocco

This Cat Doesn't Sleep On The Job

The Lombax race was once known not only for their brilliant engineering skills, but also for destroying the evil race of Cragmites and saving the entire galaxy. Soon after their victory, however, the Lombax race disappeared, leaving only the orphan Ratchet as the last of his species. However, rather than being a hero of the galaxy, the last remaining Lombax is on the run from the evil Emperor Percival Tachyon, the last of the Cragmites, who has made it his goal to destroy him. Now it?s his job to live up to his ancestors and save the galaxy once again.

With a solid story, laugh-out-loud humor, and sharp shooting gameplay, Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction